Why Your Website is More Important Than Your Business Card

Why Your Website is More Important Than Your Business Card

For becoming a successful business person we should have abilities to increase our reach to our customers or leads. For becoming successful they all advertise business at different functions, events, in meetings and in different places

Many years ago business men uses the business card . It was the quick way for the people to advertise their business and make contact with their clients so that they can give a brief introduction about their business or company, some details of the business which includes services or their products they are selling.

But nowadays, Business men uses website which is the platform which helps to connect and keeps the wider range of audience with different marketing strategies. They conduct all their business online through websites. The earlier business card had information only related to contact information but now Website helps us to know about the story involving their business, gives the brief introduction about team members, updates in market values and is used to build a good relationship between clients that allows getting through messages across you.


  • Improvement in business : A business card helps to have the limited interaction with few people and limited to perticular place with those who you can meet personally. As this is the limited way to have interaction with people across the borders. But the Website helps to have access anywhere across the world. As this doesn’t have any geographical limits without having the online presence. Advertising with a website is much easy and we can have the online transaction for this website which helps to simplify the buying of products that is not restricted to their country or their area.

  • Brand Attention :A business card helps to increase in regular interaction with customers and awareness among the brands having actively presented with their clients, then only they can increase customers and increase the business. But through a website, you can have brief information about the company where you can have faq section, feedback form, the contact form on websites where you can get the better view of your business.

  • Static in Content versus Dynamic in content:- Your business card is a just bare piece of paper for giving us information that has to be changed and printed as time grows day by day with improvement in business. If there change in address or phone number while printing or change in design then you have to go through the whole process while printing them again and again. That limited space in the piece of paper can only contain some information related to business that only conveys details regarding name and business details only. With a website which is having different elements like music, video, picture and more information to attract people which helps to engage more number of customers. You are not only limited by space and you can use more different pages and content and can tell about business with which it is associated. For more information customer can check your website for all details. So he needs not to call you. It can save customer’s time and also your time. So because of having all details on the website, you can concentrate on expanding your business.

  • Competition is Monitored : Instead of skimming the business card People prefer to have website overview because this helps to show all business details where customers can easily access the online website using their smart phones instead of an opening wallet. If other has a website and you have the business card then the customer will move towards him, not you. Because while optimizing a website for search engines which helps to high rank in websites and increases traffic. You can easily meet your increase in sales and your objectives.

  • Advertisment help to boost customer base : For promotion for your business, you need to add different promotional texts such as flyers, brochures, coupons which require a huge amount of investment. But while advertising through the website you can have the focus to large audience those who can be interested in services and products which helps to attract by giving attractive discounts to people who also can receive different offers with linking which helps to choose the brand with the increase in competition.

  • Marketing should be affordable:-Printing a business card requires the different amount of cost for different things like cost of ink, type of design, its cost, size of card if it needs to be changed again then it requires more changes and waste of money for printing. But updates in the website can be done very easily and quickly and add of information is also not limited. Web designing companies also have different offers for us for maintaining the brand and needs for websites.

  • Feedback:- As positive or negative feedback is important for your business. It tells you what customer wants from you and provides an improving stand in the market. Adding to comments helps to provide feedback which will make us valued and respected and improvements done to business can also be benefitted which will then helps to use products and services again.

  • Management with E-commerce:- Your website can help to manage bookings and you can also make transactions, print receipts and can have accounted for all the details online.

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