5 Things your Website is Missing - Darsh Softwares

You may lose traffic due to missing things on your website. By finding those missing things and removing those things make sure your website is up to date.

Have you visited the website in the inquiry of some information or product of some company but you can’t find on that website and finally you leave the page? If you are a business owner having a website and losing traffic than reason maybe those things your website is missing.

Here are those 5 things your website is missing

1. Contact Info

Someone visits your website but don’t find your contact info or don’t find a link to your contact page or missing navigation than its main reason you don’t get any inquiry and losing business. Every Business website has the contact information like Address, Email, or Phone no and also a contact form so the user can easily contact you.

2. Social Media Components

In today’s scenario, everybody is active on social media, and If you aren’t engaging in some form of social media than not only is your website losing traffic, but your business is losing customers as well.

it’s a smart idea to have ways for visitors to access one or more of the social media outlets your business uses, be it FacebookTwitter, or Linkedin on your website.

If you are not on any of these platforms, now its time to think about doing so.

3. An ‘About Us’ Page

About Us page and About Us information is essential for every website as it gives information about business and your experience in your services to your website visitors. You may lose traffic if you don’t have that. About us, the page is the second high traffic page. It’s also good for your local Search engine optimization (SEO) for your local business.

4.Reviews/testimonials from past or current clients

Sometimes clients want to see what the past or current client said about your work or your company before hiring you for your services and if they visit your website and they don’t find any testimonials or reviews it makes you unprofessional in the eye of your website visitor.

5. Call to action

Call to action is key when it comes to generating traffic to your website. The Call to Action of a site or page is where you have the opportunity to collect contact information from the visitor in exchange for some type of offer, say a free eBook download or another valuable offer, thus giving you the opportunity to connect with them in the future. Calls to Action are both, directly and indirectly, related to traffic (or the lack of it), and missing even one chance at a Call to Action is a big missed opportunity.