How Much Does a Website Design or Redesign Cost in 2020?

Imagine walking into a bookstore and asking the storekeeper how much it will cost to buy a book. The truth is that every book is considered unique and costs can vary from a dollar to a thousand bucks. There are plenty of factors taken into consideration including the popularity of the author and the publisher. Website redesigning follows the same tracks. Just like books, every website is meant to be unique and the price of designing or redesigning a website depends greatly on several factors.

How Much Does a Website Design or Redesign Cost in 2020
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Designing your websites yourself is cheapest options that cost you from $100 to $3000 ( 5000 INR to 300,000 INR)
A custom web design from agency cost could be $15000 to $20,000 on the other hand bigger and complicated websites cost you $20,000 to $40,000.

You may have no idea what you pay for designing a website we have described several factors here.

Cost of Website Design if you do it Yourself

Building and redesigning your website yourself is the cheapest option. it could be a few dollars to $3000.
The only cost for building a website yourself is time and hassle. In other words less money more time and hassle as there is features on your website you want to achieve you need to learn to code etc.

Small organizations or startups with limited budgets will have to start small. Themeforest offers many readymade website themes specially for WordPress to choose cost you $30 to $100.
Functionality, Features may vary theme to theme. please check reviews and ratings of themes before purchasing. Assure by seeing their demo what look and feature you need.

Another popular option is Divi Multipurpose theme by Elegant themes as its support website builder so you don’t need any coding knowledge, you can build website using drag and drop.

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Cost of Website if hiring Freelancer or Web Developer

Next, You can hire some freelancer or Web designer/ Developer for your Website which could be cost you from $2,000 to $4,000 for a simple website. Bigger or Complicated cost you $10,000 to $15,000.

Those are only numbers but it depends entirely on your Website Designer ‘s experience and your project requirements.

With working with freelancer you can get quality and on time. you may get exaclty what you need.

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Cost of Website if Hiring Web Agency

The cost of the website if you hire Web Agency is higher from $10,000 to $15,000 for a simple website and for bigger it could be around $20,000 to $40,000, but you get the value of your money spend

Working with design agency go much further than design. They make your website conversion friendly.

if you have budget of hiring agency you can check out in market what options available.

Some of serveral factors includes in cost of Website you can’t ignore explained below please consider them as well.

Some Essential Expenses

Domain Name:

A domain name is an address where the user types in the browser & go to the website to see the information.
Which costs you $11 to $15 per year.

SSL Certificate

SSL (secure socket layer) certificates encrypt sensitive information over the internet like credit card numbers, internet banking usernames, or passwords. An SSL certificate required if any financial transactions are processed on your website.


A CMS, or content management system, is what you use to display text, pictures, videos, articles, etc., on your website. While a CMS isn’t mandatory, having one will save you time, and make your website much more efficient.
Depending on the CMS you choose, you could be looking at thousands of dollars for a customized one, or pay nothing using popular ones like WordPress.


This includes the literature, the photos, videos, graphics, and illustrations that will be used on the website. The extent of the content can greatly influence the pricing of the redesign since it may or may not require the services of content writers, graphic artists, photographers, and illustration experts.

Interface Design

How your website is designed will also play a role in deciding the cost of the design or redesign. If you are planning a complete overhaul wherein most of the pages will be changed entirely into newly designed pages, then the costs will run higher. If the existing interface will be used and only a few changes will be made to make the website look more relevant according to your current offerings, then the price of designing or redesigning the website will be lower.

Theme Design

Some CMS provides themes that allow you to change the look or layout of the website. These may be very easy but that makes our layout & look similar to others who are using the same theme.
Most themes are free and some premium themes cost starts from $60 (6000 INR).

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Responsive websites adapt their layouts according to the screen size of devices which are very important nowadays as many people are on mobiles.
Most websites designed today are already responsive. Upgrading an older theme or website, however, could cost you as much as  $500 or more to do.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not optional and is a must. To rank on Google or any other search engine SEO is mandatory.
Cost: starts $150 per month or more

Additional Features

Since the main purpose of designing or redesigning a website is to make it relevant and to drive more eyeballs to the website, there are additional features like SEO, social media integration, or e-commerce requirements which will be considered. Your requirement for these features will drive up the costs.

Maintenance and Web Hosting

The website needs a reliable web host and you may even want to pay for website management to make sure that your website runs smoothly and is updated regularly. Your choice of a web host and the company you choose for managing the website will also play a role in deciding the costs you incur for maintaining the redesigned website.

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Now that you know the main factors that play a role in assessing the cost to redesign a website, you must carefully analyze your website to identify the areas which are required to be redesigned.
Take a close look at the content you already have with you and existing features that do not require to be changed.

After this analysis, approach web designing professionals and companies for quotes and ask them to include the services that they will be providing as a part of the quoted price.
Some professionals may charge you extra for the content while others may include it in the quote. The more questions you ask about their service, the deeper understanding you will have about their ability to handle the redesigning process effectively.

Once you receive the quotes, analyze everything from the market reputation of the company or the professional to the services that will be offered as a part of the quote. You may be quoted large sums of money and at the same time, you will notice professionals willing to do the same job at very inexpensive costs. In order to choose wisely, do not depend on the pricing alone to choose the professional or company that redesign your website.
Consider their success in the market, check for independent reviews, and look at their previous work to decide if they will be suitable for the job or not. This way, you may end up paying higher for redesigning your website, but you may also end up enjoying greater returns on your investment when your website ranking improves and your online presence gets a boost.

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