Freelancer Corner: Top Tools to Boost Your Business and Productivity

Freelancer Corner: Top Tools to Boost Your Business and Productivity


People see freelancers and believe that they have it easy – because they do not have a boss that they report to. The fact that most freelancers also work from home is what a lot of other nine-to-five workers will envy.

However, no one sees the fact that freelancers have to set up for themselves and provide basic things that an employer would have.

If you also happen to be a freelancer, we have designed this piece to make life easier for you. Here are some of the top tools to make your life easier and better.


Staying on top of your tasks and delivering when due, or before, is very crucial to your relationship with clients. This is where time management apps will come into play.

You can use a combination of reminders (which comes with most devices today) and schedulers to make this happen.

When scheduling tasks, account for those that need to be submitted urgently and the ones that can be sent later. Likewise, remember the enormous tasks to split them up so that you don't rush then and do a poor job later.


The internet is a great tool, but it does not come without its fair share of problems. For freelancers who have set their business up around the internet, it is expected that there is a healthy security practice around their files and protocols.

For one, make sure to have antivirus software. This software will come in handy when downloading work files from clients – since you do not know where such files have been before.

Likewise, antivirus software gets rid of unwanted problems when you have to connect external devices to your computers.

Another critical security software to have is a VPN. While people think that you can only change your location with this kind of software, you can also download a VPN for network protection.

This gives you a better, more robust security model to browse the internet. When connected on unencrypted networks, the need for such comes in handy to prevent a data breach to your computer and files.


A freelancer is in charge of tracking their money inflow and outflow. You don’t have to give yourself too much headache on that when you can have some tools do it for you, though.

A spreadsheet can do wonders for you to log the work done for a client in a specific timeframe. This comes in handy when you have a lot of projects/ clients at hand. Thus, you can always stay on top of how much you have racked up with each client over time.

You can also use a personal spreadsheet to identify your expenses, helping you to plan/ budget based on your next payments.

Finally, get an invoicing program to make your remittance requests more official. Invoices like this will also come in handy when you want to make comprehensive calculations of your earnings in any time frame.