Dental Website Pricing: How Much Does a Dental  Website Design Cost?

Dental Website Pricing: How Much Does a Dental Website Design Cost?

When you decided to create your dental website no 1 question arises in your mind

How much does a Dental Website cost?

For many dentists, the website is almost the last priority. Many look for the cheapest option.
The goal of your dental website is to attract more patients to your practice, getting your website visitors to take action (fill appointment forms to book or call a phone).

Cost of Dental Website if you do it Yourself

Building and redesigning your website yourself is the cheapest option, get a cheap dental website template you can find on the themeforest for little as $19. But it is said that you get what you pay.

it looks fine outside some are even quite nice looking but no 1 drawback of the cheap template website is it may look similar to other websites.

The cost could be a few dollars to $3000.

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Cost of Dental Website if  hiring Freelancer

Another option is to hire a local freelancer or on the internet, the number problem with that approach is they may have no knowledge of dentistry.

Content takes a big part, If a freelancer doesn’t know how to write dental-related content, the content likely won’t appeal to your ideal patient.  Content written with the patient in mind is one of the biggest factors that convert website visitors into patients.

Also, it may affect your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website

Website Design Packages

It’s another approach that you look at web design company’s websites. You look at some options like The template, the semi-custom, and the custom. Price ranges from $1500- $2500 then $3500- $4500 and at higher-end $10,000 to $15000.

But it may difficult for you to choose between them as it may be harder to know the value difference. You can check your local competitor website is that stunning? Is that rank high in google? What do they look like compared to your 3 options? You can ask the designer company what difference as compared to my competitor’s website 

Finding the right Dental Web Design Company

Here I want to give you some questions to ask any design company

Questions To Ask The Web Design Company

Will it come with Domain and Hosting?

You can ask will it come with Domain and Hosting and for how many years of validity

Some of the major factors while selecting hosting provider

  • Support system
  •  Uptime
  • Unlimited hosting (Bandwidth + Storage)
  • Malware and spam protection
  • Free domain
  • Money-back guarantee

Will, it comes with Maintenence & support?


Do they provide maintenance and support suppose you need to update something on your website and in how much time they do that. 

Will I  have  100% ownership of the website and content?

Website ownership is a tricky subject, there are different aspects of the website with different ownership rights. Some parts of your website are licensed instead of owning.

What you cant own?

Domain name : 

A domain name is your personal address to your website. Even if you register your own domain name, you do not actually own it. You have use rights to this name as long as you till you renew it annually. If you miss a renewal, someone else will have the ability to gain your domain name. You could potentially lose it forever.

Web Hosting :

Web Hosting connects your website to the internet and makes available when someone types your domain in the browser. When you buy web hosting you are renting space on the web. You also pay monthly or yearly for that.

Content Management System (CMS) 

The Content Management system is software by which you manage your content, pages of the website. 

There are many types of content management systems that are open source and proprietary. 

If you go for open source ( like WordPress or Drupal) you can’t still own them you can only switch host and providers

What you really own


Content of Website and Photos

Your ownership rights only to content written and pictures you take. If you hire a company to write content for you, you should have the ability to gain ownership over the content upon payment. If you or your website designer use stock photos on the website, you only have a license for those photos. Often, you cannot use those stock photos you need to purchase an extended license from the stock photography company.

Website Design

you own design of website  upon paying website design company

Website Code

The code is the language your website is built in and includes HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. Similar to website design, the company or developer can transfer ownership on payment.

How much page content you provide?

You may ask for a website design company that how much page content they are providing and what happens if page count increases.

Is  content unique and plagiarism free ( not duplicated ) 

You can ask your website design company that does my content of the website is unique and not duplicated from some other website.

Will it be optimized for google (SEO)?

You can ask your website design company that will my website be SEO friendly.
Do they do On Page Optimization?

Will it be mobile-friendly?

You can ask your website design company that will my website be mobile-friendly (Responsive). Do it works on different devices from large to small.

Look the Value In Your New Dental Website

You are the owner of your dental practice and you want to grow your practice. To achieve this it requires many things and when it comes to your dental website it may be the first impression to your potential patient towards your practice
it could last too.

So you instead of looking at your dental website as cost look it as investment in future growth.

Thank you for reading if you have any doubt please comment below.

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